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178 support firefox 3.0 kimitake 3507d 02h /trunk/
24 * 2006-10-07 Kimitake <>

* first revision of non-blocking mode
kimitake 3923d 04h /trunk/
22 supported firefox v1.5 kimitake 3923d 04h /trunk/
20 2005-09-23 Kimitake <>

* added temporary file name text box and default encode selector
to option dialog.
kimitake 3923d 04h /trunk/
18 2005-07-14 Kimitake <>

* fixed a bug that even if clicking "browse..." button in ja-JP locale,
the file select dialog does not come up.
* fixed a bug that there is no letter at first and then execute
the external editor, an exception occurs.
kimitake 3923d 05h /trunk/
14 initial version of JP support kimitake 3923d 05h /trunk/
13 Created folder remotely kimitake 3923d 05h /trunk/